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Introduction from State ADA Coordinator

Dear Colleagues:

We are excited to launch this tutorial about the requirements applicable to State and Local government under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

As you know, successful coordination and implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires a strong commitment from government leaders to ensure that our programs, services and activities are readily accessible to individuals with disabilities. This commitment involves ensuring that those officials responsible for ADA compliance possess the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to be successful in their duties.

It is our hope that this tutorial will open a new frontier for transmitting information and sharing resources. Through the Internet, we are not bound by geographical limits. We can educate, inform and generate interest about the ADA to State and Local governments, as well as those individuals they serve, throughout our Nation.

We expect this tutorial will be a valuable educational tool to orient ADA coordinators to their roles and how to address key ADA-related areas. As you work through the nine modules, consider how implementing the requirements of the ADA, a civil rights law, is the direct route to creating a customer-oriented culture that includes individuals with disabilities.

We ask that each of you take the time to Register for the ADA Title II Tutorial - FREE, Learn more about this Tutorial, and share at any time your feedback, questions, and ideas on the tutorial. We also encourage you to utilize the resources referenced throughout this tutorial, especially the following:


Special thanks to the ADA National Network [external website] and the Southeast ADA Center [external website] for their expertise and commitment to this project. This tutorial serves to demonstrate again how the ADA Centers are an indispensable resource for ADA professionals across the Nation.

We are very excited about all the possibilities that this tutorial has to offer and we thank everyone for their input into launching this project.

Best Regards,
Mike Galifianakis, ADA Coordinator for the State of Georgia